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The new Millennium book: ”There will be an easier, more hard-boiled touch to this book”

Foto: Hilda Arneback

The next book in the Millennium series will be released next september. David Lagercrantz has written the first 200 pages of the book, and describes it as a hard-boiled book in the style of Raymond Chandler and Swedish football player Zlatan.

The fifth book in the Millennium series will be translated into 56 languages and will be available in bookstores next autumn. So that the translators do not have to split the work and translate the book in shifts, as has been the case when translating Dan Brown's books, the deadline for David Lagercrantz's work is set to February 2017. And he is feeling some performance anxiety.

”I am calmer now. I survived the worst of it. But since the last book was such a success the expectations are even higher now”, he says.

The style of the fifth book in the series will be different from 'The Girl in the Spider’s webb'.

”I feel like I have a tendency to be snobbish about my knowledge of popular science. I showed signs of that in Millennium 4, where I wanted to write about black holes and all kinds of different things. The same thing happened in my book about Alan Turing. In Millennium 5 there will not be as many prime numbers. Instead I will write more like Raymond Chandler - or Zlatan. So there will be an easier, more hard-boiled touch to this book,” says David Lagercrantz and emphasizes that Stieg Larsson himself changed his style of writing between the original books in the trilogy.

But writing hard-boiled prose brings new challenges. David Lagercrantz is not quite happy with the first 200 pages yet.

”It’s so much harder to write hard-boiled fiction than I thought. Good hard-boiled prose needs rhythm. You have to vary the sentences even if they are short – and when the punch line comes it needs to be prepared for.”

So far 3.5 million hardcover copies of 'The Girl in the spider’s web' have been sold globally. Shortly after it's release it reached number one on all the lists of best-selling books. And the paperback version is coming shortly.

How much money have you made from Millennium 4 so far?

”A lot. 3.5 million books have been sold and I have made SEK 10 per book, even more in Sweden. That’s a lot of money. Also my advance has been raised because of the success. So it's a lot of money. I just hope I won’t become too greedy.”

An unexpected outcome of the Millennium fever is that David Lagercrantz's breakthrough novel ”Fall of man in Wilmslow” from 2009 has been given new life. This novel about the English mathematician Alan Turing has recently been published in several European countries and is coming to the US, where the hardcover version of Millennium 4 has sold in 1 million copies, next week.