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En utskrift från Dagens Nyheter, 2019-05-26 01:34

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Ami Horowitz about the criticism: Everyone involved is in the middle of a shit storm

Bild: Foxnews

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz strikes back against the criticism from two Swedish policemen and a cinematographer who have accused him of distorting an interview. ”I am sure everyone involved in this is in the middle of a shit storm”, he says.

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During the last few days filmmaker Ami Horowitz has been facing some harsh criticism after a segment from his short documentary ”Stockholm syndrome” was shown on Fox News. The segment later led to Donald Trump making several alarmist comments about the situation in Sweden.

”Here is my biggest problem: A lot of journalists and a lot of people in the Swedish government simply don’t want to even deal or debate the issue in my film,” says Ami Horowitz to DN.

The Swedish policemen that appear in the segment say that they have been interviewed under false premises. What do you have to say about that?

”I found that very interesting. The false premises they seem to mean are that we were going to talk about violence in general and not immigration – and that is what we did. I told them what the entire video was about, which was about migration, but that we would be focusing on violence in general,” says Ami Horowitz and continues:

”Look at the interview. In the first part of the interview we are just talking about violence. I never mention immigration, immigrant or Islam. I never ask them whether there is a rise in violence because of immigrants,” he says.

They say that you have edited the answers.

”Of course they can’t come with a concrete example of that. I never did that. I’m almost sure that I never used the word immigrant or immigration when I asked them questions. I will take a look again,” says Ami Horowitz.

Are the policemen completely wrong?

”They are completely wrong about them answering questions I didn’t ask. They are 100 per cent wrong. And that is all on the videotape,” says Ami Horowitz.

I have also spoken to a cinematographer who confirms the policemen's words. He and a colleague say that they would never have participated in the production had they known what the material would be used for.

”What am I going to tell you? I am sure everyone involved in this is in the middle of a shit storm. Everybody is running for cover. The video speaks for itself,” says Ami Horowitz.

Would you be willing to show us the raw material to prove that your information is correct?

”A filmmaker doesn’t do that. No filmmaker is asked to show their material, Michael Moore is never asked to show his material. I am not trying to hide anything. It’s just not what filmmakers do.”

”I have been making movies and videos for a long time, both high-profile and controversial ones. I have not been accused of this before, and I am proud of that record. It is important. Credibility is vital to me.”

Translation from Swedish: Evelyn Jones