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En utskrift från Dagens Nyheter, 2019-01-21 21:16

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Artistic director at center of Swedish Academy scandal charged with rape


On Tuesday the artistic director in the midst of the scandal surrounding the Swedish Academy was charged with two counts of rape against a woman in 2011. Seven witnesses will be called, according to prosecutor Christina Voigt. 

”We have found evidence sufficient to charge him,” she told DN. 

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The artistic director who has had close ties to the Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Prize in literature every year, has been charged with two counts of rape against a woman in Stockholm. 

According to the prosecution the incidents took place between October and December of 2011.

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During the preliminary investigation several people have been questioned, including the injured party, the suspect and several witnesses. The artistic director has denied all allegations against him.  

Public prosecutor Christina Voigt will call seven witnesses during the trial in the Stockholm District Court. 

”I think there is enough evidence to charge him. Several witnesses give strong support to the injured party’s account,” said Christina Voigt. 

According to the charges the artistic director used violence in one case, on another occasion the woman was asleep.

Elisabeth Massi Fritz, the woman's lawyer, says that her client is relieved. 

”My client is relieved and content that the prosecutor will press charges. There is extensive supporting evidence that will be tried in court. My client has felt very bad about the incidents and she has been violated and humiliated in a very serious way,” Elisabeth Massi Fritz told DN in a text message. 

According to Christina Voigt, the artistic director has been cooperative during the preliminary investigation. His lawyer, Björn Hurtig, told SVT: 

”My client is distraught. Facing these charges is a huge blow to him. The alleged offences supposedly took place a long time ago, and there is no technical evidence.” 

The preliminary investigation against the artistic director started in December after eight women filed criminal complaints against the man, concerning sexual crimes. Seven of the cases have been dismissed.