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En utskrift från Dagens Nyheter, 2020-04-03 04:31

Artikelns ursprungsadress: https://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/asap-rocky-detained-suspected-of-assault/


ASAP Rocky detained on suspicion of assault

Bild 1 av 2 ”Every day that passes is a disaster”, says the artist's lawyer, Henrik Olsson Lilja.
Foto: Magnus Hallgren
Bild 2 av 2 The hearings were held behind closed doors in Stockholm's district court on Friday.
Foto: Magnus Hallgren

Hip hop star ASAP Rocky has been detained in Stockholm, on suspicion of assault. The announcement came after hearings in Stockholm’s district court on Friday. A large portion of the artist’s tour is expected to be cancelled.

– Every day that passes is a disaster, says the artist’s lawyer, Henrik Olsson Lilja.

The risk of escape was a central cause for the courts decision to remand ASAP Rocky to jail awaiting further investigation. 

– We have further inquiries and technical investigations that have not yet been carried out. We are currently going through a number of mobile phones that have been confiscated, says Fredrik Karlsson, prosecutor.

The court decided to detain ASAP Rocky for a period of two weeks while under investigation, which is a standard period of time in Swedish judicial procedure. The prosecutor has not ruled out renewing his request after the two weeks have passed.

Further details about Sunday's events were also provided by Fredrik Karlsson. He says that the injured party was taken by ambulance to hospital where he required stitches. 

– There were several people that attacked one person who was lying down. And, as it seems, they have also used some kind of objects as weapons. The damage is not insignificant, says Fredrik Karlsson.

The court however decided to detain ASAP Rocky on suspicion of assault of the normal aggree, instead of aggravated assault. 

The artist’s ongoing world tour has been put on pause. ASAP Rocky had already been forced to cancel gigs in Norway, Poland and Ireland.

During the next fourteen days, ASAP Rocky had scheduled seven more concerts around Europe.

– He feels that this is a blow against everything – against his fans, his entire team and his entire business, says Henrik Olsson Lilja.

ASAP Rocky denies all charges. He is one of three men who are suspects in the assault. The hearings regarding the other two men will be held later this Friday. 

The artist ASAP Rocky was arrested after a gig at the hip-hop festival Smash in Stockholm, but the alleged fight is said to have happened last Sunday. 

One video clip, first published by the American news outlet TMZ, shows a person thrown to the ground and then being kicked and hit. 

ASAP Rocky himself has published two videos on his Instagram account. They show how the artist’s company begged two people to stop following them.