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En utskrift från Dagens Nyheter, 2023-02-09 14:41

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Swedish police featured in Fox News segment: Filmmaker is a madman

Donald Trump’s comments about Sweden during his rally in Melbourne, Florida, spawned headlines in newspapers all around the world. The American president later clarified on Twitter, saying that he was referring to a segment on Fox News about a film by filmmaker Ami Horowitz. But the policemen who were portrayed in the segment say that they were misrepresented by Horowitz: ”He is a madman.”

”We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany. You look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible.”

Trumps comments about Sweden during his rally in Melbourne, Florida, raised many questions, especially among Swedes who were quick to point out that nothing terror-related had happened in the country. The president later took to Twitter to clarify his statements, saying that he was referring to a segment on ”Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News. The segment featured the xenophobic filmmaker Ami Horowitz, maker of an alarmistic movie about Sweden. The movie, titled ”Stockholm Syndrome”, blames immigration as a direct cause of violence and rioting.

Two Swedish police officers were interviewed in the film. Anders Göranzon and Jacob Ekström answered questions about how weapons are becoming more accessible. Horowitz also asked the officers about how crime has spread through cities. But the police officers now say that their answers were taken out of context, and are very critical of how their comments were portrayed on Fox News ”Tucker Carlson Tonight”. ”I don’t understand why we are a part of the segment. The interview was about something completely different to what Fox News and Horowitz were talking about”, says Anders Göranzon.

Why were you interviewed?

”It was supposed to be about crime in high risk areas. Areas with high crime rates. There wasn’t any focus on migration or immigration”.

How did you react to the news segment?

”We don’t stand behind it. It shocked us. He has edited the answers. We were answering completely different questions in the interview. This is bad journalism.”

Anders Göranzon continues: ”It feels like hell. The real questions should be shown along with our answers. We don’t own the rights to the film, but the end result is that we don’t want to talk to journalists after this. We can’t trust each other.”

Have you done anything to stop the news segment?

”We just saw it. What can we do? One thing is talking to you. The excerpt they showed doesn’t say anything, we answered a different question. We don’t stand behind what he says. He is a madman.”

DN has tried to reach Mr. Ami Horowitz for a comment. On Sunday he published a statement on Facebook in regard to the reception of his report from Sweden: ”I think every media outlet across the globe covering my interview with Tucker Carlson and attacking the President is missing the point. Sweden is under assault because of the open door policy to Islamic immigration”.

English translation by Amanda Johansson Murie