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Defense employee warned about attacks hours before the bombing

On Saturday, Sweden was exposed to what appears to be its first ever attack by a suicide bomber.

On Sunday evening the TT news agency reported that they had received information that hours before the bombings in Stockholm an employee of the Swedish Armed Forces sent a warning to an acquaintance that "something serious" could happen on Drottninggatan (Queen Street).

"The Swedish Armed Forces had no knowledge beforehand about plans or the circumstances surrounding the events. If that was the case, the Swedish Secret Service as the responsible authority in such matters would immediately have been informed," said Erik Lagersten, Information Director of the Swedish Armed Forces.

British authorities confirmed on Sunday that they are investigating the owner of the car that blew up in Stockholm on Saturday, the British newspaper The Guardian told DN.se just before 8 p.m. The British Cabinet Office had confirmed that the investigation was under way.

One theory by investigators is that the man found dead by a bomb on Bryggargatan is the same man who is registered as the owner of the car with the gas cylinders that exploded on Olof Palmes Street a few minutes earlier. Investigators did not want to identify the man on Sunday, saying they had not yet reached next of kin. According to information shared by The Guardian, the owner of the car used to live in Luton.

Shortly before 5 p.m. Saturday, a car that was loaded with gas tubes exploded at Olof Palmes Street in central Stockholm. Ten minutes later a suicide bomber blew himself up on a busy shopping street about 220 yards away.

First on the scene, Pascal Moulas, tells DN.se how the man lying on the street was dying and had a serious injury to his abdomen, as if he had carried a bomb.

– My first thought when I arrived at his side was that it had to do with a terrorist, said Moulas to DN.se.

Several metal objects later revealed to be pipe bombs surrounded the man on the ground. According to information received by DN.se, a large bag of nails was also recovered by the Swedish police bomb squad.

Both the Swedish Security Service and the news agency, Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (TT), received an e-mail from a man threatening to kill Swedes, just 10 minutes before the blasts.

On Sunday, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt addressed the nation, urging people to stay calm. He said, "People should be able to believe in different deities or none at all" and stressed that we must be able to live side by side with one another.

The failed suicide bomber and car bombing suspect is listed at an address in Tranås, a small town in southern Sweden, but has kept residence in the U.K. for a longer period of time. On a dating web site he describes himself as deeply religious.

Swedish authorities have not yet revealed the suspect’s identity.

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