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Questions and answers on DN's handling of events in the Kungsträdgården

Dagens Nyheter's Managing Editor, Caspar Opitz, answers questions on the alleged cover-up that DN, according to information on the net, has done.

In a text being spread on the the Internet over social media it is alleged that DN has deliberately "covered-up" molestations that occurred in connection with the We are Sthlm festival in Stockholm last summer.

"Information that DN has participated in a cover-up is a lie: something as important as young women being subjected to systematic abuse is clearly news DN would report."

Then why didn't you write about this last summer?

"In our regular checks with the police and other channels and sources, we never received any confirmation concerning these molestations. On the contrary, the police statement was that it had been relatively calm at the festival - in stark contrast to the reports that we have now received and that we are writing about in greater depth here."

But, according to the information that is being spread on the net, you received concrete tips that many persons had suffered molestation and harassment?

"Yes, in August our editorial department received a tip that systematic molestation had occurred at the festival. The tip came from a source that wished to remain anonymous. We took it very seriously, contacted the sources and tried to further investigate the tip, but failed to have it confirmed. An aggravating circumstance was naturally that the police that are mandated by the Government to investigate crime did not publicly announce information of these events. That is why practically no media - established or alternative - reported on the serious molestations in Kungsträdgården in the summer."

How could you fail with this?

"We receive hundreds of tips to our editorial staff every day. We sift through them, check those that are most credible, spend a lot of time on some of them and ignore others. The quality of the tips varies greatly. In this case, we made a number of calls and checks, but as we were unable to confirm it, no article was forthcoming There was, for example, information in the tip we received that a large number of people had been arrested, that when check proved to be incorrect."

"The statement that we deliberately refrained from publicising something we knew had occurred is not true."

Events at the Kungsträdgården, recently became actual again, why?

"After the large-scale molestation that happened on New Year's Eve in Köln, a journalist on the lead editorial staff reopened the matter of the summer's tip regarding Kungsträdgården. Maybe it should be looked into again? Especially considering the systematic harassment that occurred at, for example, Kalmar and other places. At that point, independent of the lead department, a news reporter at DN received a similar tip last Friday from the police. In a commentary, that was published in last Saturday's newspaper on what this type of group-like molestation is based on, the reporter mentioned the events in the Kungsträdgården as one of several examples."

"After DN published the commentary, we received new, confirmed reports that we are now reporting."

English version: Assaults at the Stockholm festival have never been fully investigated

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