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En utskrift från Dagens Nyheter, 2020-10-20 20:32

Artikelns ursprungsadress: https://www.dn.se/nyheter/varlden/they-must-have-thought-i-was-dead-when-they-left-me/

Systrarna Roshida och Shafika.

”They must have thought I was dead when they left me”

18-year-old Shafika wants the rest of the world to know. How her sister Roshida held her newborn son in her arms when the soldiers started hitting her with wooden canes. The boy fell from her arms and died – 28 days old.

Horrific testimonies describe how the Burmese military has driven out the Rohingya, set fire to their homes, murdered and raped.

DN's Torbjörn Petersson and Lotta Härdelin have heard horrible testimonies from some of the 600,000 Rohingya who have left the country for neighbouring Bangladesh.

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Bild 1 av 12 Montas: ”First they shot the men. My husband was stabbed to death. My three sons were also killed.”
Bild: Lotta Härdelin
Bild 2 av 12
Bild: Lotta Härdelin
Bild 3 av 12
Bild 4 av 12 Sisters Roshida and Shafika.
Bild: Lotta Härdelin
Bild 5 av 12 Senuwara:”I know that three of the men raped me, then I can't remember anything more. I was eight months pregnant and I lost my child.”
Bild: Lotta Härdelin
Bild 6 av 12 One October day 12000 Rohingya arrive over the rice fields in Anjumanpara. People continue to cross the border until late at night.
Bild: Lotta Härdelin
Bild 7 av 12 Aung San Suu Kyi.
Bild: Aung Shine Oo
Bild 8 av 12 The camps grow every day. This is a view over pat of Palongkhali camp after 600.000 refugees have arrived to Bangladesh in less than two months.
Bild: Lotta Härdelin
Bild 9 av 12 There is chaos when packets of biscuits are handed out in Balukhali camp. Most of the refugees have been hungry for days, during their walk here.
Bild: Lotta Härdelin
Bild 10 av 12 New Rohingyas have been registered in Balukhali camp, and they are waiting to receive a tarpaulin, a plastic bucket and and three packets of biscuits.
Bild: Lotta Härdelin
Bild 11 av 12 They swam for three hours and survived, after their boat disappeared into the sea. Their relatives are missing. From the right: Sayed Hussain, Razak Ali and Sayed Noor.
Bild: Lotta Härdelin
Bild 12 av 12 Anisa is playing in the courtyard in Shah Porir Dwip when she discovers the bodies that have been put there for relatives to say goodbye. The boat with the refugees sunk quickly.
Bild: Lotta Härdelin